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Monday, 25 October 2010

Toys R Us: Sprayza Studio

Betty and I got the Sprayza out this morning for the first time, and we had such a fun time with it.  It is an airbrushing kit which comes with 15 different coloured pens.  You simply place a pen on the end of the airbrusher and then blow through it. The set comes with several different stencils (a lion, unicorn, fish, clown, kingfisher, dragonfly to name but a few) and once you have blown different colours over the stencil it looks really effective.  You can also be really imaginative with how you use this set, creating different effects.  The pens also double up as felt tips so that you can touch up your creation if you like.

The great thing is it is so so easy to use, and the sort of thing that your child can get on with by themselves. I think Betty surprised herself this morning when she produced a beautiful clown picture all by herself (pictured)

At £9.99 I think this set is a real bargain - it is unique, effective, and lots of fun, and I was very impressed with it.  WE LOVE IT!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

ELC: Wooden trike 'n trailer

Since being presented with this trike a few days ago, Dolly has barely been apart from it - she loves it.  It is her very own little mode of transport, and it has the huge added bonus of a trailer that fits on the back.

Yesterday she merrily rode around all day, proudly dragging an old Chocolate Orange box that she found in the bin, behind her.  Today she was transporting Betty's slippers around the place.  In my experience most kids love trailers, and loading them up, and pulling them around, so this is a great little product.

The trike was easy to assemble, it looks good, with a fun and tasteful colour scheme, it has already provided much enjoyment to my darling daughter, and it is reasonably priced at £38.