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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Handmade hair clips by Lollipop

Lollipop Boutique is owned by a mum (Colette) who started making hair clips for her daughter, and then went on to sell them to the other mums at her daughter's school, and now has her own website! Lollipop specialises in handmade clips for babies, toddlers and big girls.

Colette sent me a set of hair clips for both Betty and Dolly to try out, so that we could let her know what we thought.  We opted for some fuzzy flower clips for Dolly (specially for a toddler who doesn't yet have much hair!) and a fuzzy flower, and tutti frutti felt flower for Betty, which were slightly bigger.

The clips are beautifully made and very eye-catching and a welcome and unique change to the clips found in high street shops.  My children both love hair clips and were thrilled with these.

To see all the hair accessories available visit Colette's website: http://www.lollipopboutique.co.uk/ where there are many clips to choose from, from flowers, butterflies, cupcakes, bugs etc, as well as other hair accessories such as hairbands.

Thank you Colette, we love them, and good luck with your new venture!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Night lights for kids, by Pabobo

A company based in Paris who design lights specifically for children, called Pabobo, recently sent me two night lights for Betty and Dolly.  We were sent the Lumilove Penguin  and the Barbapapa chain light (both pictured below).

These lights are fab because they are designed to be handled by children, and so are safe.  They are also tasteful to look at, and create a really relaxed atmosphere just before bedtime (which is vital in this household as my kids go into hyper mode at this time).

I would totally recommend these products to anyone looking for a really lovely night light for their little ones.  To find out more visit their website: www.pabobo.com where they have lots of other lights to offer too.