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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mega Hi Tower in a bag (giant Jenga)

Giant Jenga
We recently received a giant Jenga set to review, from Big Game Hunters, suppliers of many fabulous garden games and accessories.

I have always been a huge fan of the bog-standard small Jenga, and it is something we have always played together as a family, even before having children.

So I was absolutely delighted (probably more so than the kids to begin with!) to receive this giant version of the game.

It's a game that the whole family can play together - and it provides lots of laughs (and strops!) even for younger children.  In fact, my three-year old has made all sorts of other weird and wonderful constructions out of the blocks, and loves it.

This set comes with 58 blocks measuring 18cm in length, it's really well made, and comes in a sturdy carry bag which means it can be put away neatly without it disappearing all over the house!

I cannot wait to get it out over Christmas, with family and friends!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bunk Bed from Bensons for Beds

Contempo Bunk Bed
My girls (aged six and three) have always shared a bedroom, and I have often thought about one day getting them a bunk bed, particularly as they are getting bigger and taking up more space.

And so we were absolutely thrilled when Bensons for Beds contacted us about the possibility of reviewing one of their beds.

Bensons have recently open several new concept stores around the UK featuring their new in store experience, the Comfort Station, which takes the stress out of finding the perfect bed!   But being where we are, we were unfortunatley unable to go to one of these stores, so instead we went along to our local store, to choose a new bed.

The service was friendly and very helpful and when I looked worried about assembling the bed, I was reassured by the fact that the store manager told me that normally it is her and another lady who assemble the display bunk beds in that particular shop!

My husband Tom and I set aside an afternoon last weekend and opened up the flatpack bed - to me, all the slats and pieces of wood looked pretty daunting, and within five minutes we were disagreeing about what went where.  Tom ended up telling me to leave the room, and I was amazed that a couple of hours later the bed was complete!

The bunk bed is made from solid pine and it indeed feels incredibly solid.   It is obviously of very high quality and is a lovely simple design.  The bed has given the girls' room a lovely 'wood' smell too, which I love!

And the icing on the cake is that when the kids get older the bed can be split into two seperate beds.

The girls are absolutely thrilled with it - Betty gets the top bunk and feels incredibly grown-up and Dolly gets the bottom and gets her very own snuggly 'den'.

This bed was £459.99 but is currently on sale for £229.99.  And it comes with a very high recommendation from the Button household! Thank you Bensons!