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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Toys R Us: Megabloks

Our first parcel arrived on the morning that we were leaving for our holiday in Pembrokeshire. We were frantically running around, throwing stuff into the car, pacifying a bored Dolly with cheese, and arguing about whether we needed to take the pushchair (Tom couldn't fit it into the car).

Despite the mayhem, I still had to open up the big cardboard box in the hallway and have a look inside. Dolly and Betty were safely out of the way and strapped into their carseats ready for the off. If they had witnessed the box-opening it would have delayed our departure probably by another three hours.

On top lay a bag of Megabloks in pretty colours; pink, purple, pale blue and white. Absolutely perfect I thought, for our holiday - something new to keep the kids entertained whilst we holidayed in wet Wales yet again (this time in a cottage rather than a tent I hasten to add). I threw it to Tom and told him to squeeze it in somewhere. He looked daggers at me.

I was just about to delve further into the box when I heard three Buttons either yelling, squawking or barking at me to hurry up so that we could be on our way. I did however spy some Moon Dough, a Peppa Pig game and a night light/torch before I scarpered out of the house, almost forgetting my handbag.

So I produced the new Megabloks set for my children during the first day of our holiday. I wasn't sure they would be that impressed, as we have always had Megabloks (of the red, blue, green and yellow variety) in the house, but I couldn't have been more wrong. They fought like chickens over the new toy (though they are fighting over pretty much everything at the moment) and seemingly loved the new girlie colours. I thought the novelty of pink and purple may wear off but it hasn't. Dolly is now 16 months and is so so into building towers at the moment and gives herself a clap every time she slots a new piece into place. Betty waits in the wings and when she thinks Dolly has had enough (of her own) claps she promptly comes along and bashes it to the ground.

                                                                   (Betty's dinosaur)

I personally was a little disappointed that there weren't more different shaped blocks in this set -there is one pointy roof-shaped piece but that is it. I was hoping for some interesting shapes, to set it apart from the set we bought about four years ago. That said, the girls do love it and have been playing with it ALL week - in fact it has been a bit of a life saver. As I said before it is not a new concept to them, so it must be the new colours that have enticed them.

I am now looking forward to unleashing the other items in the big cardboard box onto my kids, when we return from our hols...

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