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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Children's rugs by Lorena Canals

We recently received a gorgeous rug for the girls' bedroom from Lorena Canals who are a company specialising in rugs for children.

The fantastic thing about this rug (and all the rugs supplied by Lorena Canals for that matter) is that they are washable!

I like to have rugs in every room of the house but the we have got through a fair few rugs in the children's bedroom from 'accidents' happening (sick, nosebleeds, poo).  So to have a fully washable rug is fantastic.

The girls absolutely love their new rug as it looks pretty, and it's also very soft and 'cosy' as my three year old put it.  In fact, when they get out of  their warm beds in the mornings they like to sit on the rug and get dressed!

The rug we ordered is handmade, and is light grey with dots in pink, beige and white, and is 100% cotton.  But this particular style comes in many other colour combinations too.

Lorena Canals also supply many other styles of pattern of rug in different shapes and sizes.

Lorena Canals  say: "We have always considered that our rugs are the final “touch” for a children’s’ room. They add warmth, sweetness, invite to play and create a more homelike environment. We can’t imagine children’s rooms without a rug."

Do go and check them out!