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Thursday, 23 January 2014

A healthy start to 2014 with Bimuno IMMUNAID

In the midst of all those January routines and New Years' resolutions, now is a great time to start thinking about your health. Frequent exercise and a balanced diet are great ways to keep in shape and ward off those back-to-work bugs, but supplements have their place in any fitness regime, too. With all the cold weather and drizzly nights we're sure to have over the next few months, your immune system will thank you for any help you can give it.

One way you can help your body stay healthy is by boosting your body's good gut bacteria. While these are naturally-occuring compounds that are present in some foods, you can also give your gut an extra helping hand by using prebiotics, which effectively "feed" your good bacteria, stimulating growth. Bimuno is the leading prebiotic supplement, and Bimuno IMMUNAID has been specially formulated to provide all your prebiotic needs in the form of simple, chewy pastilles. Taken twice a day, IMMUNAID fits into any lifestyle or routine with ease.

What's a prebiotic?

More beneficial than probiotics, but less well-known, prebiotics work in a significantly different manner. Whereas probiotics contain living, "good" bacteria to help top up the immune system in your gut, probiotics instead contain a kind of food which helps the good bacteria already present in your gut to thrive.

In the long run, this has a number of benefits. It's a long journey from your mouth to your gut, and the hostile, acidic conditions in your stomach often kill off large portions of any live bacteria you ingest with probiotics. In fact, even oxygen can be hostile to the good bacteria that live in your gut – so its no surprise that they don't all make it safely.

In contrast, a prebiotic contains a complex carbohydrate, rather than any bacteria. These carbohydrates are incredibly stable, meaning that they can travel through your digestive system without becoming broken down or destroyed. Not only does this mean that the effects of a probiotic aren't affected by your body's natural systems, it means they don't have to be stored in the fridge, either!

What exactly is Bimuno IMMUNAID?

IMMUNAID is one of Bimuno's range of prebiotics, and is specially formulated to help strengthen your immune system. Scientists have long recognised how important the health of your gut is to your overall health. In fact, over 60% of your body's immune system is centred in your gut, so taking care of the bacteria that lives in it can have huge benefits.

IMMUNAID contains a patented prebiotic compound (galacto-oligosaccharide) that is the only second generation prebiotic available on the market. This means that it exhibits extra properties not found in other pre- or probiotics, such as the ability to help force harmful bacteria out of your gut. It's also gluten free, and contains vitamin C for an extra immune boost.

You can buy IMMUNAID, or any of Bimuno's prebiotic range, from Boots, or directly from their website, http://www.bimuno.com/ . You can also follow them on facebook, for access to all the latest Bimuno news and competitions: https://www.facebook.com/BimunoUK .

This post was written and sponsored by Bimuno