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Friday, 19 December 2014

Makies - customisable dolls

A couple of weeks ago I presented my girls with a Makie gift card each, which was beautifully presented in a little box.

I told them that with this gift card they could create their very own doll on the Makie's website.  My girls aren't massively into dolls and so I wasn't sure what their reaction would be, but they were positively thrilled.

We set aside an evening to create the dolls and made a real occasion out of it.  They weren't allowed to look at each other's design (their rules) and wanted to be able to show off their design in person. They chose hair colour/styles, clothes, eyes, and a name.  Once they submitted their design they asked me every single day when their doll would be arriving.

And they were not disappointed when the 3D version of their design did arrive ( very promptly).  'It's totally magic' they squealed. There was a lot of excitement.  They are now desperate to order their dolls some of the many accessories available online - Father Christmas May be surprising them with some new shoes and bags etc.

I loved that the dolls have almost a wood-like feel and are of a very high quality.

They are a lot of fun, and we have all enjoyed the whole process from receiving the beautifully packaged gift card, to designing the doll, to then receiving the real thing in the post.  Oh how times have changed!

'Makies are totally customisable dolls - the perfect gift for a creative child! Each one is guaranteed unique, and with an ever-growing range of looks and styles, a Makie is a friend for life.'

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