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Friday, 22 June 2012

Key Features to Help Make Dressing Your Baby Easier

As any parent of a young baby or toddler can tell you, one of the hardest parts about getting a child ready in the morning is keeping them still enough to get dressed. A squirming baby can be almost impossible to dress if the clothing does not have features that make it easier for you to get it on quickly. For example, if the clothing has lots of small buttons or lace-up strings, your infant might not cooperate with you long enough to finish dressing. Fortunately, Vertbaudet have plenty of baby clothing with features that are specifically designed for easier dressing and undressing. 

Press stud fastenings 
One of the most convenient baby clothing features are press stud fastenings. These metal snaps allow parents to open and close clothing tops and bottoms quickly and easily, without worrying about finding buttonholes, which can be difficult when an infant wants to start crawling away from you. Infant bodysuits that have press stud fastenings on the back make it easy for mums and dads to close up the tops easily, while the press stud fastenings between the legs make nappy changes a breeze. Other infant bodysuits feature open neck tops, with press stud fastenings between the legs. Having the fastenings down there also makes it simple for parents to keep one hand on their babies at all times when removing the clothing.

Image courtesy of Vertbaudet
Adjustable straps and waists 
Adjustable points on infant clothing are another feature for easy dressing. For example, a pair of trousers with an adjustable waist helps parents achieve the right fit for their baby, no matter how small or wide the infant’s waist may be. On these trousers, the adjustable waist has elastic inside, along with two buttons. Parents simply pull the elastic to tighten the waist as required and then button it at the necessary spot to keep the waist snug. 

Some infant clothing features adjustable straps on the shoulders, with press stud fastenings on the ends. Infant boy dungarees, with adjustable shoulder straps, allow parents to lower or raise the bib portion of the outfit to fit their child’s stature. As babies grow, parents can change the snap position on the straps to continue using them for a longer period of time. 

Buttoned shoulders 
Another baby clothing feature for dressing and undressing easily are buttoned shoulders. These features make it easy to remove shirts and tops without having to pull the entire top over the baby’s head. Since some infants might become afraid when their faces are covered by clothing, tops that have this feature help them feel more comfortable during dressing and undressing. Some tank tops have snap buttons on one shoulder, which enables parents to open one side wider than the other to get the shirt off easily. 

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