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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Have a real clear out for spring

Spring is here, and it’s time for a big clear out in the home. With summer now approaching we’re all looking at ways of de-cluttering our homes to make room for a fresher year. But with children who scream “don’t sell my old games" and a husband who wants to keep hold of those old football shirts, what can you do?

Well, you’re fighting for the greater good – a pleasant and fresh home. And, ultimately it is something that works for everyone. So it’s a simple case of making them understand that in the current climate a few pounds can go a long way. Whether you’re trimming the energy bills or what you have in the home, there’s money to be made.


There are always going to be cupboards or corners that are full of used items that you no longer want or need anymore. You’ve upgraded many phones in your time, your children have worked their way through hundreds of games and there are homes for them to go to in return for a pretty penny. You can sell games online with musicMagpie and what this involves is scanning the barcode of your item and getting an offer. It’s likely that there will be a box full, and the average user makes £50 and with a freepost system you can’t go wrong. What’s more is that they will take DVDs and CDs too, so get digging.

Car boot sale

When you’re doing your clear out, don’t be throwing anything out. This time of year is car booting season, and you would be silly to miss out on it. While garage sales still occur on some streets, you are often better off going to a field where there is a following that go once a month – especially if you have potential antiques. So, pay out for a stand, fill the car and have a Sunday selling for the family fund!

Check your bills 

Taking a different approach, but once you have cleaned the attic, garage and spare rooms and have got a car boot sale in mind, it’s time to look at your big expenses. Finding the best deals for what you use is imperative to have more money for luxuries. We’re in a new tax year and fuel poverty has reared its ugly head, so face your demons and get your accounts fixed. Do you have more credit cards than you need? Are you paying them all off in a scatter gun approach when you should be focused on the highest interest rate ones first? There are so many ways to trim money off what you spend. Using an online comparison site is great for having a look if you are being overcharged for energy, insurance and home services. Take the time to check your bill and your spring could be a fruitful one!

This is a sponsored post written by Michael Edmondstone of Forward