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Monday, 2 April 2012

It's time to get more from your payday!

If your pockets are suffering from the increased prices of everything, from food to energy, it’s time to revamp your budget. But this doesn’t have to mean cutting out expenses if you know how to get the most out of what you’re already paying for. Homeowners get ready, because this is the advice that will change your life -- and your bank account balance.

Starting with your household bills, you could be saving hundreds of pounds by giving a little push back to rising electricity prices. First, call your energy service provider to ask if they have any options that are cheaper than the package that you signed on to. If so, tell them that you want to switch. And if not, here’s your chance to research other companies that could give you what you’re looking for in a service contract.

As you search for a new provider, remember to set up an account for online bill paying or direct debit from your bank account, two features that are likely to get you a discount with your new provider. Doing business online not only ensures that your company will receive payment in time, but also makes communicating with you less expensive for them. For that reason, they are likely to treat you as a preferred customer if you go digital. And remember that the best way to save money on energy in the long run is to sign up for the least expensive of all fixed-rate packages and to get a combined electricity and natural gas tariff.

Heating and lighting is a necessity, but so is telephone service along with Internet access. After doing your research on basic utilities, compare broadband services to see which one will keep you connected for less money. The bundle strategy is usually a winning situation for homeowners looking for discounted Internet service, so try to get a package that includes cable television and phone service, too. And you can usually cut even deeper into prices if you sign on for more than a year at a time.

And just because you’re on a quest to save money doesn’t mean that you should skimp on having fun. If you’re financially responsible, there’s no reason that you should cut out all recreational expenses, as long as you do it the smart way. If you’re gearing up for your yearly holiday, try to purchase your plane tickets as far in advance as possible to take advantage of early bird specials. And if you usually employ the industry connections of a travel agent, now is the perfect time to save £100 or more by doing all the legwork yourself. Researching travel plans could even become an enjoyable pastime that helps you get to know this year’s destination and gets you excited for the trip. Make a game out of getting the best deals for the things that you need, and you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised as well as financially stable. And the next time payday comes around; you’ll be able to put more of that money into your own pocket.

This is a sponsored post written by Michael Edmondstone of Forward