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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Personalise your cards this Easter

Easter is one of the happiest times of the year. If not for the bright spring colours and the chocolate high you’re sure to get from munching on those candy bunnies, then it is special because of the time you get to spend with family. This year, make it even more memorable by sending personalised cards to everyone that you love to be around but probably don’t get to see too often.

How can I personalise my cards this Easter?

If you want to send a special message that’s just as nice to look at as it is to read, think outside of the box this year. You can first try to make your own greeting cards, which is the perfect way to make them unique. Replace plain card stock with recycled newspaper that you have dyed yourself in colourful pinks, blues, and greens. Add natural touches like pressed flowers or ribbon made from plant leaves, and etch your message in high-quality oil paints. If you have ever fancied script writing, now is the time to put it to use.

However, not everyone is gifted with arts and crafts, and this is okay, too. If you can’t find the inspiration, patience, or time to make handmade cards, you can still order personalised greetings from a company like Hallmark. This site has dozens of styles to choose from, whether you’re looking for something funny, sincere, or straightforward. You can even get your cards delivered to each recipient on the same day as you order.

We live in an increasingly digital society, and most greeting card services have acknowledged this shift in communication by offering e-card options, as well. If you frequently communicate with your loved ones via email, e-cards are a great way to surprise them with a touching Easter sentiment, especially since they probably check their email accounts more often than they check the regular mail. And e-cards are perfect for other holidays, as well. You can send anniversaries, well wishes, birthday cards, and graduation congratulations.

If your family is really into Easter, you may not feel like a card alone will be enough to celebrate the holiday. However, greeting cards can give you inspiration for sending even bigger gifts this spring. For example, you can pair your cards with gourmet chocolates in the shape of Easter eggs, or you could send them with gift certificates to your favourite restaurant inside. More creative gift-givers may even want to put together their own “Easter baskets” complete with candy, personal care items like scented hand creams and perfumes, and, of course, a personalised card.

The UK is the number one nation when it comes to sending greeting cards to express how we feel, and that’s no coincidence. Sending a beautiful message this Easter is not only a good way to make others feel special but also a way to get you excited about the new beginnings and the arrival of spring. So follow the trend and make your cards extra special this year!

This is a sponsored post written by Michael Edmondstone of Forward