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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How to make a beautiful button bouquet card

A children’s art and craft idea which is as bright as a button

All good arts and crafts enthusiasts know that buttons aren’t just things which you sew on coats and cardigans. In the right hands – and with a bit of imagination and a dash of glue – they can be used to make great art! As buttons come in different colours and sizes, it is a good idea to show off their variety by using them to adorn a home-made button bouquet greetings card – these are ideal for special occasions like weddings and birthdays.

For this exercise you will need the following craft supplies; all of which can be purchased from Baker Ross.  A Buttons value class pack (order number EV224)

White card (E99A)
Coloured card blanks (EK461)
Satin ribbon value pack (EV686)
Giotto colour fibre tip pens (EK642)
Silicone glue (EV901)

Now you’re ready to begin – why not try making a card yourself before letting the children loose on the task?

First, take a coloured blank and place it face-up on the table.

Then cut a slightly smaller piece of white card and glue it to the front. 

Once this is done, take a large button, add a layer of glue to the back and stick it on to the white ‘panel’. Then glue a smaller button on to the top of the large button. Make sure it stays in place! 

Kate (whose hands are pictured in the photos) has chosen to repeat the process and use five buttons; keeping them close together to depict a bouquet of flowers.

Kate advises that it works best if you just stick to round buttons for this design – so resist the urge to pick up a square button.
It’s quite fiddly, tiring work for youngsters but they can take a break to let the glue on the buttons and card dry. This task is now nearing completion – pick up a green Giotto fibre-tip pen and draw on the stems for the three shortest flowers.

A purple Giotto pen is ideal for drawing a bow around the stems. A cute little purple button in the middle of the bow adds a nice finishing touch to the picture. Pick up the scissors and cut a length of bright green ribbon which is long enough to loop around the spine of the card and tie it in an arty bow to finish.

You can either add a handwritten message sticker to the top or leave it blank.

These cards are ideal for special occasions like weddings – events where bouquets are rightly considered very important!

If your finished card looks nothing like the photograph at the start and end of this article then don’t panic! Kate has filmed a step-by-step tutorial to help you out.

This is a sponsored post by James Christie who writes for arts and crafts company Baker Ross. Check out Baker Ross’s fantastic range of Diamond Jubilee Crafts