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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Summer fun with ELC!

It really did feel like Summer a few weeks ago, and the kids spent hours in the garden making their very own 'adventure playground'.  There were tears, a bit of squabbling, but mainly a lot of fun.  Their adventure playground which originally consisted of a swing, a home-made high-jump and a sandpit was hugely helped along by some fabulous garden toys from ELC.

The most successful item was definitely the basket ball set, and for just £12.00 I think this is amazing value for money.  It is a very simple idea but very very effective.  It is colourful, it folds up neatly, and you can set it up just about anywhere.  The ball is soft, causing minimal damage should it be thrown off target.  I have been taking it everywhere we go; pub gardens, grandparents etc.  It also comes with a sports bib - although I do think two should be supplied to stop the fighting over it (or is it just my kids that fight over EVERYTHING?)

Another really fun game is the Fish and Count which again at just £12 is great value for money.  The set is made from a foam material and you place the fish with hooks on in a paddling pool and use the fishing rods to catch the right coloured fish - it is actually harder than it looks, so the kids did not get bored.  Again a simple idea but very effective!  I thought it was great because normally when the paddling pool comes out and they have dumped everything they can possibly find into it they get bored, so this provided much needed entertainment.  We just need the Winter weather to go away and they can have another go!

When my girls weren't fishing or playing basket pool they were 'chilling out' with a BBQ - ELC have just brought out a gorgeous wooden BBQ set, which I love!  We are BBQ mad in this house, so this was prefect for them to play with.  It comes with a spit that can be turned and 11 accessories including a spatula, and wooden vegetables and meats to BBQ.  The set costs £25.00.  The gourmet pitta set, which comprises felt pitta with lots of healthy fillings, has also been a big hit, particularly with my two year old who will only eat pitta anyway.

Having just been on ELC's website, I have noticed that they are doing a three for two offer on all sports and garden toys - go and check out their range, there's loads on there!